Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Looking for case studies!

Proof of concept has been established on my ColourSPC project. Over 561K color measurements have been compiled of roughly 3,000 production colors from nine different sources, including data from packaging, newspaper, toner-based, and offset printing, as well as photography, and plastics. The analysis demonstrated that when a color process is in control, the new Zc statistic will follow a specific known distribution.

I am moving to the proof of utility phase, where I hope to show that my new techniques can turn color data into information that is useful for color manufacturers.

I am looking for case studies; people with color manufacturing data and a burning question that they would like answered with that data. Contact me if you want to be part of this exciting new research! john@johnthemathguy.com

Example questions

Some examples of questions that can be answered with ColourSPC:

    Is this data point an outlier, or just somewhat unusual?
    Was this production run under control?
    What is the major contributor to color variation?
    Did this new piece of equipment or software, or a change in process reduce color variation?
    Can this process reliably meet the color tolerance that my customer wants?


Applications of ColorSPC, Print Properties Council, March 2018