Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why does my cyan have the blues? (addendum)

I was asked a question about my previous blog about why the hue of ink sometimes changes when the ink film is increased.

I had a lovely plot (see below) that showed that showed that Beer's law doesn't do all that bad of a job at predicting the ink trajectory (and the hook) of a magenta ink. The plot shows how close the match is in a*b*. Erik pointed out that I didn't show what is going on with L*. It could be that Beer's law works well in a*b*, but really messes up when it comes to L*.

The magenta hook, real and estimated

So, I had a look at this same data from a few other perspectives. Here is what the data looks like in the L*a* plane.

And here it is on the L*b* plane.

My conclusion is that it doesn't do so bad. Thanks Erik, for keeping me honest. Naturally, if it hadn't worked out I would have suppressed the results.

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