Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A new expert in town

There is a new expert in town. Well, in the town of Here are some of his more recent articles:

Kepler's Laws
Johannes Kepler developed three simple laws that described the motion of the planets. Not only was the model simpler than that of Aristotle, but it fit existing data better.

What Is "Colligation"?
Colligation is that magic AHA! moment in science. It happens when one is presented with a number of facts, and there suddenly comes a simple idea to tie all the assorted facts together.

A Matter of Gravity
In Aristotle's physics, gravity was the effect of objects seeking that proper place in the universe. There were many incorrect ideas that were tied up in this explanation. Each of these ideas had to be individually challenged before an accurate theory of gravity could be developed.

How Does a Scanning Electron Microscope Work?
This article describes how a scanning electron microscope works.

Aristotle's Universe
Aristotle brought together all the knowledge of the time and fused it into a coherent explanation of the universe. His system of physics was so tightly woven and comprehensive that it dominated European thought for nearly 2,000 years, despite that a great deal of what he taught was just plain wrong!

Four Fates of a Photon
When a photon - a tiny particle of light - hits an object, it has four possible fates. It may reflect directly from the surface, it may get absorbed by the material, or it may get scattered by the material. If these first three fates are avoided, it will pass through the object.

Yup. You may have guessed that the author is John the Math Guy.


  1. I love this blog (I might have read the whole thing), and I'm reading through your articles now. They're almost as interesting. ;)

    I can't believe how much I've learned from you, and all without feeling like I was studying. I completely agree with the statement, "John is a gifted an engaging teacher" from your Answers profile, although maybe you'd like to know about the typo? Maybe not, who knows. Anyways, I think "edutainment" is a better descriptor of the personality in your blog.

    Thanks for all the knowledge and enjoyable reading.

  2. "gifted an engaging"? Whoops. I should've had my wife proofread that!